Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Life is full of up's and down's

Hello everyone, hope you have all had a good Christmas, sorry I haven't posted on here for a while. Been a little busy with work and other things to. Well i've enjoyed this year, made lots of happy memories by going on hen-do's, weddings, holidays and meeting lots of new friends at the PHA UK Conference. 

I really enjoyed meeting lots of you people at the conference and it gives me hope that there is a lot of work and research going on to eventually find the cure for PAH. It was a joy to finally meet Stacie- you are such an inspirational person. Also Tess you were lovely to talk too. As where many others who filled me with hope to battle this horrible condition.

As it says at the top "Life is full of up's and down's",  i've had a few wobbles over the last few months. Basically because I have been tired or because I just really hate having to battle this condition on a daily basis. I hate that I can't go for a really long walk with our beagle anymore, it really stabs me in the heart as I loved going walking. I also hate the fact that I struggle to go out with my friends drinking till the early hours of the morning as it makes me feel so tired and ill, as I found out when I was on a hen-do in n Manchester back in June. I long to be able to be free from PAH and do normal things- yes I know I can still enjoy myself. 

Well Christmas at our house this year has been quiet and fun. We all went round to my sisters (Caroline) house on Christmas Eve and had to wear our Christmas jumpers, we had turkey baguettes with Brie and cranberrIes, it was a fun evening. Then on Christmas Day we celebrated Alex's 30th birthday-my sisters boyfriend. Caroline invited us all round to her house  for birthday drinks, and she and Alex stayed at their house and had a birthday meal together. At our house it was just a lovely family Christmas meal-mum, dad and brother. Boxing Day again was a fun day. Caroline and Alex came over for there Christmas Day. So basically i've eaten and drunk lots and it's been fun. 

So here is to a very happy new year to you all. Let's hope it brings joy and good times. I'm already looking forward to 2016 as i've got a hen-do in Marbella in April and a wedding in August. Let's see how many more things I can do and make happy memories. 

All the very best to you all. 

As always thanks for reading.