Saturday, 1 April 2017

A little bit of everything

Hello folks hope you are all well.
It's been a while since I blogged, so I thought I would do one to share what I have been upto.
First up was my recent trip to the Royal Hallamshire hospital for part 2 of the Ferrinject trial. This consisted of a night over in Sheffield and all my tests repeated from the first visit. See my blog titled "Research all the way" for more on the trial. This time the bike was working!!! As they have got a new one. The tests consisted of MRI, 6 minute walk test, bloods, ECG. I also saw on of my PH doctors Professor David Kiely, he said I was looking very well and was pleased with my progress and that I could continue on the trial. I had the second infusion-(which I don't know what it was). I think this time I had iron as I felt different to the last infusion that I had. I felt less tired, less breathless and basically had a lot more energy than what I usually have. I will try and get a few pictures of me doing my tests on my next visit to Sheffield. I'm back in May for the final trial visit, this time all my tests are repeated as usual but no infusion is given.

After Christmas I decided to start swimming again!! I've always liked swimming and am quite confident in water. But having PH makes things like exercising very difficult!! I can get quite breathless and tired if I do to much, I also have to be supervised whilst i'm swimming just in case I start to feel dizzy or feel like I'm going to faint/black out!!! Not that that has ever happened but it's just precautionary. Anyway I go swimming once a week with my mum,  as long as i feel well and i'm not to tired. If i'm feeling tired I won't go swimming as this can make me feel ill or make me go dizzy. I really enjoy swimming and it's good to see how far I can get. I just take my time and swim one length then stop and rest, and swim another length and stop and rest. I know my limits and stop myself when I know i've had enough. Hopefully this will also help me maintain my weight and also increase my lung function to.

I've currently finished work for 2 weeks now for the Easter holidays and i'm going to Cornwall tomorrow (Sunday) with my mum for a week. I love Cornwall and the surrounding areas!! I call it my second home!!! We are hoping to visit the Eden project one day so I will post pictures when i'm back as the signal is rubbish in some parts of Cornwall.

Well I will leave for now, as always thanks for reading.

Love to you all xxx